The Richmond Beer 2016 Blind IPA Competition

The Judges portion*

“The Alpha” First place- Final Gravity
“The Beta” Second Place- The ANswer
“The Nose” Honorable Mention- Triple Crossing! by 1 vote! or you could say by a nose.

People’s Choice

*The Judges were
1. DJ Spiker- Buyer for Capital Ale House Harrisonburg and Co-Founder of the Capital Ale House VA IPA
Challenge 2. Bill Cavalier-Owner Black Heath Meadary
3. Jay Bayer- Owner/ Proprietor at Saison Café & Market
4. Hillary Langford- Writer for Style/ Co Founder of the Beer Betty’s
5. Sterling Stokes- RVA Beermeister beer blogger
6. Chad Ritter- Head of the James River Homebrewers
7. Joey Johnson- Buyer for Brew Gastro Pubv
8. March Helms- Buyer and Proprietor at Corks and Kegs Bottle Shop
9. Jake Skyhan- Buyer at Once Upon a Vine Bottle Shop
10. Mike Killelea- Former Chairman of the VA Brewers Guild current Briess Malt Regional Manager
11. Eric Wise- Buyer for De Fles Winkle Bottle Shop

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Richmond Breweries United currently consists of 19 local craft breweries.


Richmond, VA has had a long love affair with beer.

Our city's history has been intertwined with beer culture going back before the Civil War. Richmond was even the first place where beer appeared in a can in 1935.

Currently the beer culture in Richmond is continuing to make huge strides toting 13 breweries and an ever increasing amount of beer focused businesses and beer lovers.

Richmond Breweries United is a partnership between Richmond Regional Tourism, Richmond beer writers, and the Richmond area breweries. The goal is to educate others about Richmond's rich beer culture and to grow beer tourism to our beautiful city, one delicious sip at a time.

RBU Board of Directors
  • Scott Jones - President - Triple Crossing Brewing Co.
  • Tom Sullivan - Treasurer - Ardent Craft Ales
  • Rick Ivey - Secretary - Rusty Beaver Brewery
  • Eric McKay - Hardywood Craft Park Brewery
  • Neil Burton - Strangeways Brewing






Richmond, VA